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2018, Jan 5 - Feb 4, Revelation Speaks Peace



Revelation Speaks Peace series with Shawn Boonstra begins January 5, 2018 and continues through February 4, 2018 at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House in downtown Denver at 7:00 PM, each night. 

Revelation Speaks Peace Schedule
Day Date Title
Friday 5-Jan A New World Order
Saturday 6-Jan A Planet In Upheaval
Sunday 7-Jan Armageddon
Tuesday 9-Jan The Man of Revelation
Wendesday 10-Jan The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Friday 12-Jan The Time of the End, Part 1
Saturday 13-Jan The Time of the End, Part 2
Sunday 14-Jan The Appearing
Tuesday 16-Jan The Anatomy of Evil
Wendesday 17-Jan The Ultimate Mind Game
Friday 19-Jan The Coming of the Lawless One
Saturday 20-Jan The Sign of God
Sunday 21-Jan Revelation's Forgotten History
Tuesday 23-Jan A River Runs Through It
Wendesday 24-Jan Babylon Rising
Friday 26-Jan Revelation's Keys of Death
Saturday, 11:00 AM 27-Jan The Fall of Babylon
Saturday, 7:00 PM 27-Jan God's Strange Act
Sunday 28-Jan A Desolate Planet
Tuesday 30-Jan How to Postpone Your Funeral
Wendesday 31-Jan The Mark of the Beast
Friday 2-Feb Return ot the Woman
Satuday, 11:00 AM 3-Feb
Revelation's Testimony of Jesus
Saturday, 7:00 PM 3-Feb The Last Night on Earth

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