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Creation of Lucifer
God made him [Lucifer] good and beautiful, as near as possible like Himself.—The Review and Herald, September 24, 1901. – {TA 26.4}

God had made him [Lucifer] noble, had given him rich endowments. He gave him a high, responsible position. He asked of him nothing that was unreasonable. He was to administer the trust given him of God in a spirit of meekness and devotion, seeking to promote the glory of God, who had given him glory and beauty and loveliness.—Sabbath-School Worker, March 1, 1893. – {TA 26.5}

Though God had created Lucifer noble and beautiful, and had exalted him to high honor among the angelic host, yet he had not placed him beyond the possibility of evil. It was in Satan’s [Ellen White sometimes used prolepsis—i.e., speaking of something in the future as if it had already happened. Here she referred to Lucifer as “Satan” even though he had not yet rebelled. Since she used the two names—Lucifer and Satan—without making a distinction between them, this compilation has followed her usage.] power, did he choose to do so, to pervert these gifts.—4SP 317. – {TA 27.1}

Lucifer’s High Position
Lucifer in heaven, before his rebellion, was a high and exalted angel, next in honor to God’s dear Son. His countenance, like those of the other angels, was mild and expressive of happiness. His forehead was high and broad, showing a powerful intellect. His form was perfect; his bearing noble and majestic. A special light beamed in his countenance and shone around him brighter and more beautiful than around the other angels; yet Christ, God’s dear Son, had the pre-eminence over all the angelic host. He was one with the Father before the angels were created.—The Story of Redemption, 13. – {TA 27.2}

Lucifer was the covering cherub, the most exalted of the heavenly created beings; he stood nearest the throne of God, and was most closely connected and identified with the administration of God’s government, most richly endowed with the glory of His majesty and power.—The Signs of the Times, April 28, 1890. – {TA 27.3}

The Lord Himself gave to Satan his glory and wisdom, and made him the covering cherub, good, noble, and exceeding lovely.—The Signs of the Times, September 18, 1893. – {TA 28.1}

Among the inhabitants of heaven, Satan, next to Christ, was at one time most honored of God, and highest in power and glory.—The Signs of the Times, July 23, 1902. – {TA 28.2}

Lucifer, the “son of the morning,” in glory surpassing all the angels that surround the throne, ... [was] united in closest ties to the Son of God.—The Desire of Ages, 435. – {TA 28.3}

Lucifer, “son of the morning,” was first of the covering cherubs, holy and undefiled. He stood in the presence of the great Creator, and the ceaseless beams of glory enshrouding the eternal God rested upon him.—Patriarchs and Prophets, 35. – {TA 28.4}

He [Lucifer] had been the highest of all created beings, and had been foremost in revealing God’s purposes to the universe.—The Desire of Ages, 758. – {TA 28.5}

The Truth About Angels, Ellen G. White, 1996, pg. 26-28


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